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Unwind 100MG


30 Capsules

Rest and relaxation is on the horizon with this blend of magic, made with adaptogenic herbs that will help alleviate stress and promote calm. Made for the days you have nothing going on but scheduled down time.

Amount Per Capsule

Organic Psilocybe Cubensis 100mg, Organic Ashwaganda 100mg, Organic Reishi 100mg, L-Thainine 50mg, Organic Pepper 1 mg

All organic, ethically sourced, high quality ingredients. Non GMO, Preservative Free, Gluten Free & Vegan Capsules


Take 1-2 capsules intuitively, on days you need some rest & relaxation.


How to Safely Dose

1. Intention setting
2. Set the space
3. Dose
4. Spend time reflecting &
integrating your experience


Microdose: 100-500mg
Recreational Dose: 500mg-1g 
Moderate Dose: 1g-3g
High Dose: 3g-5g

1st time microdosing? Find a safe person that can act as a sitter.